Request for Commercial Tier Review

Non-residential customers may request a tier review if they believe their tier assignment is incorrect.  All requests must be properly completed and documented. 

Allow 5 business days for a response.

New Fiscal Year Tier rate structure details can be found in the Rate Sheets.


* The District does not make subjective adjustments to water usage.  Documentation is required to support any tier reassignment requests.

* Water usage that does not enter the sewer system, such as irrigation or cooling tower usage, must be separately metered in order to be excluded from the sewer tier assignment.  Contact the water company to inquire about installing a separate water meter.

* Tier assignments are reviewed annually and changes, if any, are effective on July 1st of each fiscal year.  A REQUEST FOR TIER EVALUATION must be submitted no later than September 30th in order to be considered. Business cessation requests can be submitted at any time.  Any adjustments made will impact the current fiscal year only.


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